O.G. Organic Gardens

Creating and curating beautiful outdoor spaces in the Cotswolds.

We draw on a wide range of experience to set your garden up for success. Our goal is to provide a non-toxic alternative that is friendly to us, pets, wildlife and our future.

Using techniques old and new, we nurture a garden into a supportive, stress-free environment – an environment just for you.

It is of utmost importance to us that maintenance practices be safe and supportive of the look and feel of your garden. We perform risk assessments for each task and will use appropriate methods to ensure safety for us, you, and your garden.

Our ethic is one of permaculture – an ethos of systematic approach to design and implementation. In gardening, this relates to the use of locally available materials and attempting to incorporate as much of the waste as possible back into the growing space. We understand that not all waste can be turned into a resource in every situation, and so we will remove waste when appropriate.

The two main ways in which we operate is by regular maintenance and one-off tasks. Regular maintenance consists of four or more hours per calendar month spent on your space, taking care of the necessities and keeping the garden tidy, maintaining it to its design throughout the year. Maintenance is undertaken via contract or hourly rate, with a higher rate for the use of petrol tools or waste disposal.

One off tasks such as landscaping, jungle clearance and designs of small areas are charged differently to incorporate the materials and off-site work specific to the task. No job is too big or small for us – we pride ourselves in providing a comprehensive service.

Training in specific horticultural skills is available for one-on-one and group sessions.